Outreach Workshops Overview

Are you a teacher about to embark on a journey of Brazil with your students?

Do you know a young people’s group who’d love to make Carnival style costumes?

Would your colleagues benefit from team building drumming activities?

Do you know any older people who would enjoy gentle Samba dance exercise?

What we can bring to you:


Have you got a heart beat? Can you count to four? Then samba drumming is for YOU! Just like Carnival, samba drumming is loud, energetic and hot! Our expert teachers can cater for all levels. Excellent for developing strong rapport and listening skills as well as ability to work as a group. Samba drumming is for everyone.


Whether it’s Samba Rio party style or Orixa dances from North-East Brazil, you’ll learn the best moves to create a lively carnival atmosphere! Considering all participants’ abilities and experience, we’ll ensure that if anyone thought they couldn’t dance, they’ll soon love to shake, wiggle and stomp it!


Get together towards the creation of costumes which will make the dancers shine! Using both alternative materials and friendly techniques we approach the brief allocated to your project and give a tropical twist to it! Expect loads of cutting, sticking, glittering and fun times!


Over 26,000 individuals and counting have participated in LSS delivered workshops. We tailor the design of our workshops as participants are diverse in both age and background and range from:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Universities and college students
  • Public schools
  • Academies
  • Music teachers
  • Children and adults with learning disabilities
  • Youth and adult offending services
  • Homeless adults
  • Corporate clients

What our Bookers have said…

“You were all wonderfully efficient from beginning to end and the easiest part to organise in our Brazil themed day. Everyone loved Mags – they thought he held a brilliant workshop…  I didn’t want to forget to say thank you and the London School of Samba provided a great service. I’ve been recommending you to other people already.”
Nuffield Trust 


For general enquiries and information please email: lss.outreach.lss@googlemail.com.