Become a volunteer

Do you have a skill that you could bring to the London School of Samba?

The London School of Samba is run by a group of volunteers. Without you we wouldn’t exist!! Most volunteer roles are fun and take up only a short amount of time. Volunteering can be rewarding and fun. It can be an opportunity to make new friends, develop some new skills, or contribute an existing expertise.

For more information please Contact:

Volunteer roles are varied and could involve – 


  • Volunteer drivers to transport costumes to our barracao (carnival base).
  • Volunteer make up artists.
  • Volunteers – as many people as possible 1 to 10 hours per month.
  • Stewards for carnival.
  • Film makers to document carnival or elements of carnival.
  • Premises search scouters.



  • A volunteer to support the gigging wardrobe team, helping to sort through costumes, or take a costume to a gig or just making sure the website is updated with upcoming workshops.
  • Volunteer costume makers.
  • An eagle-eyed volunteer who can use their time to source items on Freecycle (ongoing).
  • Film makers or photographers to document workshops.


Outreach and Education

  • A photographer available during the day (CRB checked desirable).
  • Volunteer to help to develop this strand of LSS activities.
  • Volunteer to join outreach booking team (of 4)


Communications and Admin

  • Anyone with WordPress skills willing to share some specific knowledge with a couple of our management team.
  • Film makers and photographers to documents events, gigs and occasionally for classes for purposes of publicity.
  • Fundraisers interested in helping us locate and secure funds for some specific projects on a commission basis.


Events and Gigs

  • Gig finder. Another volunteer to join the Events and Bookings team (of 5) to specifically find gigs. For  new gigs the gig finder can get 10% of the total fee.


If you would like to volunteer a skill or expertise but can’t see it listed above, please Contact: Ben – anyway so that we can let you know if we need your skill or expertise in the future.


The Performance Bateria are the group of drummers who are chosen (by invite only) to perform at most of live audience events our organisation encounters as the London School of Samba (LSS).

This group is an invite only group. At the LSS we generally look towards recruiting from developing guests and members attending our open workshops on Sundays at Waterloo Action Centre (WAC) or people we've encountered elsewhere in the world playing samba and have relocated to London. But if you are new to the LSS but have some previous samba experience you'd like to join the gigging bateria, simply come and meet us at WAC on a Sunday and either let a bateria director or the mestre de bateria know you're interested and we'll have a look at your skills there and your community spirit and let you know when we reach a decision.

Either before or after you see us at WAC, email us you intention at

In the performance bateria known as the 'gigging bateria' you will be expected to learn more about swing, groove,bossas (breaks) and their relation to various LSS acoustic sets, to learn sambas from the school of past and present as well as some chosen samba from schools from Brazil (in Portuguese) and choreography to aid the performance (something we pride ourselves on). In addition to this we encourage you to increase you general samba knowledge, keep up to date with current samba news and learn about samba's history (although that will be taught school wide) and learn portuguese (even if it's only a little bit).

If you're not initially selected it generally because we feel you have to work on technique, memory or something else there are still opportunities to perform with the samba school in front of a live audience. We hold 3 or 4 performances a year where we invite any member of the samba school to join us for these public performances at events such as the 'London Marathon' or the 'Vitality 10k' and is a great way to bring everyone in the school and other samba friends together. The aim is for each individual to be able to handle the pace of gigging bateria rehearsals and not feel overwhelmed or muddy the collective sound of the bateria. 

From no samba experience to fully fledged gigging bateria percussionist may take time, it may not, so a 'no' from entry to the group from us is not personal or a complete rejection, it's simply stating that for some reason at this time either from us, yourself or circumstances like covid numbers, that it's just not possible at this moment in time.

But don't give up, keep trying. You'll still get to play at school wide gigs and we'll eagerly await the time when the circumstances are right to welcome you in our gigging crew.