Learn to dance Brazilian Samba at our fun, friendly classes

Join the latest dance craze and learn Brazilian Samba. Our classes are perfect for first time dancers to experienced long term dancers coming from other movement types. The culture within our school means everyone is welcome and the focus is on enjoying yourself as you develop your samba skills. There are three types of dance class –

Level 1 – Beginners – We have a beginners class which is perfect for people who are new to Samba and want to develop their dance technique. Our teachers are warm and caring with focus on having fun. No one cares if you are “good” or worries about you making mistakes.  That goes against the whole ethos Brazil has towards dancing. You will not look stupid nor be lost amongst a bunch of professional dancers. Everyone in the class is friendly and welcoming.

Level 2 – Intermediate – Advanced – For those who are now familiar with the foundations of samba our Level 2 class offers you the opportunity to continue the fun but to develop your skills within the various aspects of samba dancing. This ranges from hip movements to foot techniques and the finer details of parading and performances. Many dancers love the variety that samba brings compared to other movements and especially the freedom solo performances brings compared to partner based dances.

Quadra Night – The final Sunday of the month we have a special dance event called Quadra night. This is when our drumming group (Bateria) join with the dance class for a memorable night of passion and energy. While you may not be able to get to Brazil this class replicates the feeling of Copacabana beach during carnival. We usually have a short show from our performance group and then dance the rest of the time to the pounding samba beats. With the night finished we all head over the road to the pubs for drinks and a chat. Find below a video showing a typical Quadra night.

What to Bring? – Samba dancing is high energy, so think of it more like an exercise class. Therefore please wear fitness clothes and trainers and bring some water.

What time?
6:00pm – 7:30pm – Dance level 1 (Beginners)
6:00pm – 7:30pm – Dance level 2 (Intermediate)
7:45pm – 9:15pm – Drumming (Bateria) for all levels

Waterloo Action Centre (WAC),
14 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AA.
Click HERE for a map.

Have You Ever Played The Drums?

After your dance class (except Quadra nights) we also hold beginners drumming classes. You need no experience of drums ever to join in and it can be as invigorating as samba dancing. The cost is included in the price of admission for the dance classes

Non Members – £10
Annual Members – £8
Monthly Standing Order – FREE (Less than £5 /Class – Join>>> )
*Concessions – Students/ OAPs / Unemployed : £8 / £6 members (please bring ID)

*Concessions – Under 16s £4 / £3 (Under 16s Must be accompanied by an adult)

See below for the latest timetable –

DateClass 1 - Beginners
(6pm - 7.30pm Downstairs)
Class 2 - Intermediate
(6pm - 7.30pm Upstairs)
Bateria (Drumming)
(7:45pm - 9.15pm Downstairs)
JANUARYJoin us every Sunday throughout January for 1.5 hours of dance classes where we will be focussing on samba fitness, the joy of samba, and the road to Rio Carnival.
19/01/20SamaraOrquideaTeacher to be confirmed
26/01/20 - QuadraMarta - all levelsN/A - please join in with our class for all levels downstairs plus bateriaFred
FEBRUARYJoin us every Sunday throughout February for 1.5 hours of dance classes where we will be focussing on samba fitness, the joy of samba, and the road to Rio Carnival.
02/02/20RodrigoMichaela - Baile FunkTBC
23/02/20 - QuadraGladys - all levelsN/A - please join in with our class for all levels downstairs plus bateriaTBC


Learn Brazilian Samba whether just for fun, parading in carnivals or performing in shows


Play the drums just for fun at our classes or parade with us in carnivals and at gigs.


We make all of our costumes. Design and create as part of our team whatever your experience level.


Join us to parade at the Notting Hill Carnival and other celebrations.