Classes Schedule and Details


LSS dance and drumming classes have now restarted at Waterloo Action Centre (WAC), and thanks to the Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund grant, we are offering all classes FREE* in June and July to all LSS members and non-members alike.

We still have COVID-safe social distancing and mask-wearing in place, so numbers are limited to a maximum 27 participants, and all classes must be pre-booked online. Please do not come on the day if you haven’t pre-booked.

* In order to secure your booking and minimise no-shows, there is a £1 minimum registration charge per class, with an option of donating more if you wish. This is a donation which will to be split 50/50 to our charities: Task Brasil supporting street kids in Rio, and Mocidade, our ‘godmother’ Samba School.

Bateria (Drumming)

The Bateria class is from 3.30 – 5pm

This class is FREE* to LSS members and non-members.

Book your place on the next available Bateria class

Bateria Teacher Schedule: 

27 June – Mestre Fred or Mestre Mags tbc

4 July  – Mestre Fred or Mestre Mags tbc

11 July  – Mestre Fred or Mestre Mags tbc

18 July  – Mestre Fred or Mestre Mags tbc



There will be one Dance Class from 6 – 7.30pm

This class is FREE* to LSS members and non-members.

Book your place on the next available Dance class

Dance Teacher Schedule:

27 June – Iuli (Open level Samba)

4 July  – Iuli (Open level Samba)

11 July  – Gladys (Open level Samba)

18 July  – Gladys (Open level Samba)

 COVID-safe guidelines

In light of COVID 19, the London School of Samba has created a procedure which aims to minimise the risk of Covid-19 exposure at the Waterloo Action Centre (WAC) during our samba classes but also reiterate the importance of infection control/health and safety on these premises. Please be assured that the London School of Samba takes the COVID-19 very seriously; anyone who does not adhere to these rules deliberately will be escorted from the premises.

  • Attendance is by pre-booking only. 
  • All sessions will contain a maximum of 27 participants plus the teacher in the large dance hall
  • Whilst entering WAC and walking down the corridor a mask must be worn at all times, this is due to the nature of the narrow corridors which doesn’t allow us to carry out social distancing. The masks may be removed if you wish after entering the Bateria/Dance rehearsal space.
  • Social distancing (2m) and appropriate hand hygiene must be followed at all times. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the exits/entrances but all participants must wash their hands before entering the rehearsal halls.
  • Please refrain from any close personal interaction e.g. handshakes and hugs/kisses, as this places people at a risk of exposure.
  • For the Bateria, one drum only per person.  Drums must not be swapped between players. Please confirm with the teacher which drum you will play BEFORE picking it up. There will be a short clean down of instruments after the session.
  • Following the lesson, please leave the centre promptly.

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