The Gigging Bateria

Our gigging Bateria participate in live shows and carnivals across the UK and Europe. There is a special atmosphere to our gigs as we are surrounded by flamboyant dancers and costumes. We do a variety of shows ranging from night clubs to corporate events and of course carnival parades.

Joining The Group

– Members of Bateria team will approach people at Waterloo Action Centre Sunday workshops about joining the LSS Bateria.
– if you are interested in joining the LSS Bateria, you can email Bateria Directors on for more information

The performance group meet every second week for rehearsals. You are expected to study in your own time our set lists, breaks and rhythms. To be invited to the group you need to be a LSS member.


Learn Brazilian Samba whether just for fun, parading in carnivals or performing in shows


Play the drums just for fun at our classes or parade with us in carnivals and at gigs.


We make all of our costumes. Design and create as part of our team whatever your experience level.


Join us to parade at the Notting Hill Carnival and other celebrations.