London School of Samba stars shine at 2021 Marathon

The London School of Samba rocked the rhythms of Rio for six hours straight in front of more than 40,000 runners at Canary Wharf, mile 19 of the record-breaking 2021 London Marathon on Sunday 3 October. 

Charity runner Charlotte said: “London School of Samba was fantastic – thank you for being there to give me just the lift I needed at a tough point in the race!”  2021 marks the 25th anniversary since London School of Samba first performed at the London Marathon – read the full story with pics and videos.

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The new LSS membership 2022 form is now available, and you can join now to secure your membership with full benefits including discounts on class fees until 31 December 2022 – so why not join today!  Check our schedule for details and register for classes online.

LSS Mestre-Sala and Porta-Bandeira to parade at 2022 Rio Carnival

Our Mestre-Sala and Porta-Bandeira, Marcelo dos Santos and Davina Greeves, have been invited to represent LSS in the Unidos de Bangu parade in the 2022 Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Davina and Marcelo will parade as the ‘3rd couple’ of Unidos de Bangu … Read the full story

“This is great news for our School and we are delighted that LSS has been chosen to represent the legacy of Castor de Andrade in the person of Marcelo and Davina!”

Marcelo and Davina at the London New Year’s Parade 2020 –
photo courtesy Miko Jacqueline.

37 Years and Going Strong!

Your London School of Samba.

London School of Samba offers dance and drumming classes for complete beginners to performer level. We parade every year at the Notting Hill Carnival which is open to all abilities. Our performance group travels the UK and abroad to do shows and are available to hire for private functions>>.

All our costumes are made by hand and you can learn the techniques used at one of our costume making workshops.

You can also hire one of these spectacular outfits for an event.

Experience Brazil through samba dancing and samba drumming. Everyone is welcome at the school and there is a place for everyone.

The schedule for the next weeks

Don’t miss out on dance and drumming classes. Take a note of our next “Quadra” party.

Get to know the teachers

As a school we are grateful for the amount of talent we attract and quality we can provide to our students.

How it all started

We’ve started humble and have flourished. But we’ll never stop learning and growing.

Volunteer opportunities

We are solely run by members and we always look for committed people who want to make things happen.

See us in action

I have never danced before, can I come to your classes?
We have a beginners class which is perfect for people who are new to Samba and want to develop their dance technique. Our teachers are warm and caring with focus on having fun. No one judges you for not getting the dance steps straight away as you are just starting out or overly worries about you making mistakes. Just come!
I have danced samba before, can I join your performance group?
For those who are familiar with samba our Level 2 class offers you the opportunity to continue the fun while developing your dance and performance skills. It’s from here where the potential for more dance performance opportunities in our school opens up.
Do you have samba parties I can join?
The final Sunday of the month we have a special dance event called Quadra night. This is when our drumming group (Bateria) join with the dance class for a memorable night of passion and energy. While you may not be able to get to Brazil this class replicates the feeling of Copacabana beach during carnival. We usually have a short show from our performance group and then dance the rest of the time to the pounding samba beats. With the night finished we all head over the road to the pubs for drinks and a chat. Find below a video showing a typical Quadra night.
I'd love to learn to play the drums. Which instruments do you have?
The core instruments are:

  • Surdo – (three differently pitched drums to provide foundation and bass to the samba)
  • Caixa – (similar to and an evolution of the snare drum for samba)
  • Repique – (a high pitched drum calling drum)
  • Chocalho – (a shaker made of jingles similar to those found on a tambourine, but attached to a frame)
  • Agogo – (two or more bells of different pitch, used to provide melody, borrowed directly from its African counterpart)
  • Tamborim – (a small high pitched handheld drum, used to provide melody through a series of complex rhythms)

Feel free to just drop by on a Sunday and pick your favourate instrument.

I have children, do you offer samba activities for kids?
We offer classes to people of all ages and part of what we do is facilitate classes for children of all ages. From Early Years classes at the Tate, Primary School children performing with us for Waterloo Carnival, to a combined group of Primary Schoolers offering a samba percussion accompaniment to the BBC Orchestra. Find out more here.

We love samba

The London School of Samba EXPERIENCE

Dance Classes

Learn  to dance Brazilian samba whether just for a good mood glow, your personal fitness or to become a samba performer in London.

Drumming Classes

Always wanted to learn how to play an instrument? We have plenty to choose from. Come and learn to play just for fun or to perform with our Bateria. Experienced and new players welcome.

Book us for your next event

You can book us for shows, birthday parties, staff or team building events and many more. We also provide teachers for dance classes or community events.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Celebrate Yourself.

The  Performance Group:

our dancers have been carefully selected on their commitment to the school and their samba no pe skills. The performance team is a great aspiration for many dancers within the school and the normal process involves being spotted by a dance team member noticing outstanding dancers with strong dance skills and an alignement with the values of the school. If you would like to join the performance group feel free to email

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