35 Years and Going Strong! Your London School of Samba.

London School of Samba offers dance and drumming classes for complete beginners to performer level. We parade every year at the Notting Hill Carnival which is open to all abilities. Our performance group travel the UK and abroad to do shows and are available to hire for private functions>>.

All our costumes are made by hand and you can learn the techniques used at one of our costume making workshops. You can also hire one of these spectacular outfits for an event. There are also regular Make-Up workshops to learn how to prepare the performers for shows and carnivals.

We are a friendly charity whose mission is to allow people to experience the feel and emotion of Brazilian arts through samba dancing, samba drumming and carnival preparations. Everyone is welcome at the school and there is a place for everyone.


Book Us For Your Event!

We offer a variety of packages for your festival, Gala event, party or TV Show. We have a long track record of performances and excel at delivering a spectacular and colourful event. We have performed in over 1000 live events in countries around the globe. Memorable shows and venues include:

LSS provides an authentic taste of Brazil; exuberant and colourful. We are flexible with our performance routine from being able to fulfil a gig in front of thousands of people to more intimate corporate affairs.

For more information check out our bookings page>>>

Jordan is our new Rainha da Bateria 2019

A huge congratulations and welcome to Jordan Leigh, our Rainha da Bateria for 2019 - 2020. This year once again saw some fierce competition, at our event held at Floripa, Shoreditch. We are looking forward to seeing her in front of the bateria at Carnival and her...

Our 2018 Rainha da Bateria has been crowned!

We are excited to announce that our new Rainha da Bateria has been crowned. Last Wednesday 1 August, saw a packed house at Floripa as we watched five contestants samba for their lives. Congratulations to Nina Appio, who was the winner. Congrats also to Jordan in...

Costume Workshop Schedule 2018

Passistas - Coral: (3 compulsory workshops) • Thursday 19 June - 7-9pm • Thursday 02 August - 7-9pm • Thursday 09 August - 7-9pm • Sunday 12 August - 3-5pm Ala Dance - Jellyfish: (4 compulsory workshops) • Tuesday 17 July - 7-8pm • Tuesday 24  July - 7-8pm • Thursday...


Learn Brazilian Samba whether just for fun, parading in carnivals or performing in shows


Play the drums just for fun at our classes or parade with us in carnivals and at gigs.


We make all of our costumes. Design and create as part of our team whatever your experience level.


Join us to parade at the Notting Hill Carnival and other celebrations.