London School of Samba hold dance and drumming classes on Sundays at the Waterloo Action Centre. The dance classes are not only fun, but a great way to keep fit, then stay for the drumming classes and learn some new rhythms. LSS is also a great community and you'll make many new friends along the way.

Drumming workshop at the Waterloo Action CentrePhoto: LSS Archive Drumming workshop at the Waterloo Action CentrePhoto: LSS Archive Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira rehearsingPhoto: Brian Guttridge 3 women and a man dancingPhoto: Mariana Whitehouse Photo: Chris Bicourt


What time?
6:00pm – 7:30pm – Dance level 1 (Beginners & Improvers)
6:00pm – 7:30pm – Dance level 2 (Intermediate)
7:45pm – 9:15pm – Drumming (Bateria) for all levels

Quadra Nights on the last Sunday of the month
Separate Dance and Drumming classes: 6:00pm – 7:00pm, followed by a combined Dance and Drumming class: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Waterloo Action Centre (WAC),
14 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AA.
Click HERE for a map.

Class Timetable:

Date Dance – Level 1
Dance – Level 2
Bateria (Drumming)
(All levels)
8th Marta Orquidea Fred
15th Irineu Gladys Fred
22nd Orquidea Gladys Fred
29th Quadra Night!
Dance workshop led by Gladys 6-7 pm
Bateria workshop led by teacher TBC 6-7 pm
Combined drum and dance workshop 7-8 pm
Quadra Night starts at 6pm for everyone.
5th Hannah A. Irineu (Malandro Class) NO DRUMMING CLASS THIS WEEK
12th Hannah A. Irineu Karen / Vik
19th Gladys Orquidea Karen / Vik
26th Quadra Night!
Dance workshop led by Irineu 6-7 pm
Bateria workshop led by Karen / Vik 6-7 pm
Combined drum and dance workshop 7-8 pm
Quadra Night starts at 6pm for everyone.
5th Orquidea Irineu (Malandro Class) Mags
12th Rosaria Aneta Mags
19th Rosaria Aneta Mags
26th Quadra Night!
Dance workshop led by Rosaria 6-7 pm
Bateria workshop led by Mags 6-7 pm
Combined drum and dance workshop 7-8 pm
Quadra Night starts at 6pm for everyone.


Do I need to book or pre-pay for a class?

No just turn up on Sunday, pay when you arrive, it’s as simple as that.

We strongly recommend that ear plugs be worn when attending workshops with live drumming.


How much are classes?

Our classes are 2 for 1 on the day.  Come for the Dance class and stay for Bateria after, at no extra cost!

Members: £7 or £5 for concession (Unemployed and Students over 16.  Students please bring your ID’s)
Non-members: £8 or  £6 for concessions

Under 16’s: £4

Please note: all under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.  Entry is free for an accompanying adult not wishing to participate in classes, however normal entry fee applies should they wish to join in.

You can find out how to become a member buy clicking HERE



Do I need to bring anything to the class?

If you’re attending the Dance class wear something light that you can move in and don’t mind getting sweaty and bring a bottle of water too! If you’re coming for Bateria class we strongly recommend you bring ear plugs to protect your ears, but if you forget we sell ear plugs for 25p a pair at the door.


What to expect?

Check that we are open for class on the Sunday you wish to attend. Arrive at the appropriate time with an open mind and lots of energy.

No prior experience needed. LSS have a policy of total inclusion.

Classes marked carnival or related to an Ala (carnival section) are open public workshops but will include movements for those taking part in that section for carnival. You do not have to be taking part in our carnival tour to take part in these workshops. If you are taking part in our carnival tour you will be expected to try to attend workshops related to your section, there will also be separate private rehearsal for your section.



Our drumming classes are one big noisy family, banging hard-hitting rhythms and breaks. Learn to play Rio style Samba, Samba Reggae, Afoxê, Ilê Aiyê, and Mozambiqué with absolutely the best teachers. Fun, furious, and funky, absolutely all levels are welcome! No prior experience necessary! Do you have a heart beat? Then you too can drum!



Our dance classes focus on the vibrant and colorful spirit of Brazilian Carnival and Samba. The main focus of dance at LSS is samba no pe, the practice of the samba step. However, dancers also have the opportunity to learn other dance styles such as samba reggae with our guest teachers throughout the year. We have two levels of classes so whether you’re a total beginner or an intermediate level dancer just turn up and have a go!

Level 1 (downstairs large hall) for beginners and improvers.
Level 2 (upstairs) for intermediate and advanced.

Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to sweat, bringing water is also a good idea.
Wear comfortable footwear, this may include heels particularly for level 2.
Classes that require specific footwear will be advertised as such.
Participants can not be bare foot unless requested by the teacher, usually this only applies in the Afro-Brazilian dance styles.

Which class – level 1 or level 2?
If you are new to samba please begin with the level 1 class.
If you’d like to try the level 2 class, it’s a good idea to ask the level 1 teacher if they feel you should try it next time or if you’d benefit from a bit longer in level 1.
Please be aware they may suggest you remain in level 1 for your own development.
Teachers may also suggest that some people try level 2 next time.

If you are new to the LSS and go straight to level 2, please introduce yourself to the teacher and please be aware that for your own development and quality of the class they may ask you to try a few more level 1 classes first if they think it’s necessary.
Level 2 teachers reserve the right not to admit someone if they feel the material they plan to teach is too advanced for them, particularly if this poses a health and safety risk to them or others around them.

Different teachers have different teaching styles and you may find that you prefer a level 1 class with one person and a level 2 class with another and we are aware that different teaching styles and material can mean people may attend level 1 with one teacher and level 2 with another.


Carnival Taster dance workshops

These are aimed at giving people a taste of what to expect from different costumed dance sections of our carnival parade before registering for places at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival on our 2016 carnival tour.


Quadra Nights

London School of Samba hold monthly Quadra Nights on the last Sunday of every month.
These are a 2 hour combined workshop, 1hr of separate dance and drumming workshop from 6-7pm followed by 1 hr joint workshop from 7-8pm.
The Quadra Nights is a fun chance to interact with dancers and drummers of various experience, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Heels are encouraged, but not essential. No barefoot dancers on Quadra night.
The workshop culminates in a jam where you can practice what you’ve learnt to live music.
You are therefore expected to take responsibility for stretching post the jam on your own, but you’re welcome to ask the teachers for guidance.

All experience levels are welcome. Entry fee is the same as our normal Sunday workshops.


Enjoyed one of our regular classes? Had a great time at a carnival? Think we could improve on something? Then feel free to drop your comments and suggestions to: