Somewhere Under The Rainbow
Carnivals 2016

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

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Carnival Tour events

The ball is rolling with this year’s carnival tour, and we have a few dates for your diary:

This year we will be taking part in the following carnivals:

Our design team this year is composed of:


  • Mia Harris: Comissão de Frente Oxumarê, Ala Japan (Ala das Baianas), Ala Egypt (Bateria)
  • Edmilson Souza: Ala India, Ala Africa (Ala dos Passistas) & Rainha de Bateria
  • Glow Crawford: Ala Native America (Ala Mirim/Children)
  • Sian Dorman, new designer mentee: Ala Ancient Greece

Designs drawn by Kati Borgers


  • Mia Harris: Comissão de Frente Oxumarê highlight costume
  • Mariko de Montalte: Comissao de Frente Oxumarê & Ala Egypt (Bateria)
  • Diane Artis: Ala India & Ala Japan (Ala das Baianas)
  • Edmilson Souza: Ala Africa (Ala dos Passistas) & Rainha da Bateria
  • Glow Crawford: Ala Ancient Greece, Ala Native America & Porta Bandeira & Mestre Sala development
  • Chris Bicourt: 2016 Carnival logo
  • Emergency Exit Arts: Float 1 & 2
  • Make-up Lead: Ioana Schneider

Many thanks to our design review panel: Chris Bicourt, Carron Comerford & Miko de Montalte

Dance leads/teachers and Bateria directors

This year’s dance artists working on our carnival tour are:

  • Ella Mesma: Comissão de Frente Oxumarê – An exciting collaboration with Element Arts Company’s professional dancers!
  • Marta Scott: Ala Japan (Ala das Baianas)
  • Irineu Nogueira: Ala Africa (Ala dos Passistas)
  • Leandro Beleza: Ala India
  • Gladys Cavalcante: Ala Ancient Greece
  • TBC: Ala Native America (Ala Mirim/Children)

This year’s bateria directors working on our carnival tour are:

  • Christopher Mullins-Silverstein
  • Mestre Mags
  • Mestre Fred
  • Karen Brownlie
  • Vik Choudhuri

Carnival Manager/Producer

This year’s carnival manager/producer is: Theah Dix.

Lottery Funded. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England