The London School of Samba is one of the UK’s largest carnival arts organisations. It is a community-based organisation which is managed almost entirely by a network of volunteers. Our organisation relies on it's amazing team of volunteers, but we're always open to more...

Become a volunteer

Do you have a skill that you could bring to the London School of Samba?

The London School of Samba is run by a group of around 15 volunteers in the Operational Management Team and Trustees, but we often need extra help. Tasks can vary from as little as a couple of hours a month to a one off task, and it all helps.

Volunteering can be rewarding and fun. It can be an opportunity to make new friends, develop some new skills, or contribute an existing expertise.

Below are the current volunteer tasks and who to contact to get involved.



  • Volunteer drivers to transport costumes to our barracao (carnival base).
  • Volunteer make up artists.
  • Volunteers – as many people as possible 1 to 10 hours per month.
  • Stewards for carnival.
  • Film makers to document carnival or elements of carnival.
  • Premises search scouters.

Contact: Theah lss.carnivalmanager@gmail.com


  • No volunteer opportunities at present

Contact: Fred bateria@googlemail.com



  • A volunteer to support the gigging wardrobe team, helping to sort through costumes, or take a costume to a gig or just making sure the website is updated with upcoming workshops.
  • Volunteer costume makers.
  • An eagle-eyed volunteer who can use their time to source items on Freecycle (ongoing).
  • Film makers or photographers to document workshops.

Contact:  lss.costumes.lss@googlemail.com

Outreach and Education

  • A photographer available during the day (CRB checked desirable).
  • Volunteer to help to develop this strand of LSS activities.
  • Volunteer to join outreach booking team (of 4)

Contact: lss.outreach.lss@googlemail.com

Communications and Admin

  • Anyone with WordPress skills willing to share some specific knowledge with a couple of our management team.
  • Film makers and photographers to documents events, gigs and occasionally for classes for purposes of publicity.
  • Fundraisers interested in helping us locate and secure funds for some specific projects on a commission basis.

Contact: Kanika commslss@gmail.com

Events and Gigs

  • Gig finder. Another volunteer to join the Events and Bookings team (of 5) to specifically find gigs. For  new gigs the gig finder can get 10% of the total fee.

Contact: Asia lss.bookings.lss@gmail.com

If you would like to volunteer a skill or expertise but can’t see it listed above, please contact us anyway so that we can let you know if we need your skill or expertise in the future.
This page is regularly updated according to opportunities that arise, so if there’s nothing here that takes your fancy then please check this page again.