Over the next couple of weeks the London School of Samba will be running a very special competition on Facebook and Instagram based on our theme for this year, VoodooSamba: The Dark Cabaret.
Prizes include an up to £50 voucher from Primavera Fitness, a meal for two at Cubana restaurant in Waterloo, and a bottle of finest Brazilian cachaça. Plus unlimited fame and glory.
At the end of the competition a video will be published that will reveal all – this signifies the competition is closed.
How it will work is as follows:
There are 6 images that we will post one by one from today 7th June until 21st June. Each of these images depict one of our wonderful LSS dancers or bateria – you simply have to name the person. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Not necessarily – the people depicted have journeyed into The Dark Cabaret and have become corrupted, twisted by the forces of the dark… so they may not look quite the same as before…
To take part all you have to do is enter your guess into the comments section of the post. The person who gets the most right, will be chosen as the winner. In the event of a draw, the person who gets them right the earliest (according to the date and time their answer is posted) will be awarded the prize.  The last photo will be posted on Sunday 21st June and all entries must be posted by 9am Monday 22nd June.
The images will be the same on Facebook as on Instagram. You can put your guess on either.
The competition is open to anyone, not just members of LSS. Please share the posts and use the hashtag #voodoosamba so we can get this out to as many people as possible, to help promote our carnival theme and school this year.
Let the games begin.