Here is an update from the London School of Samba …….

It is Carnival Monday.


A shadow descends upon the Sambadrome.

A cold chill is felt, as sequins and gemstones sparkle in the light of the full moon…some of the colours fade; others – greens, purples, blues, oranges, yellows become even brighter – as a darkness creeps around the corner of Avenida Vargas a sinister laugh is heard and the crowd falls silent. From the eerie stillness comes the distant sound of surdos, beating out a single marcação.

Materialising from the shadow appears a shape. The crowd gasps as the shape takes form: a figure in a top hat and tail coat, its face an empty skull, it’s mouth a wicked smile filled with gold teeth, giving life to a nightmare – Voodoo priest Baron Samedi, Haitian God of Malandros, Lord of the Dead, turns slowly to face Sector 1. Outstretching his bony hand, he laughs coldly… and rolls the dice for their souls…