Registration open until 12 noon Monday 4th July.

All female dancers are invited to sign up for the next Rainha de Bateria Competition for the London School of Samba which will take place on Friday 15th July at Club Colosseum in Vauxhall.

The position of Rainha da Bateria is one of the most important posts for any Escola da Samba. The World Samba Organisation’s definition is “A person who dances samba very well who accompanies the percussion or “bateria” unit of a samba school. This person is usually a woman and is also chosen for their physical beauty.” She leads out the Bateria at key events and represents the schools dancers and bateria.

The London School of Samba has had a long laid down set of criteria upon which the selection is made. The Rainha is selected annually through competition by audience vote by members of the school and an experienced panel consisting of guests, teachers and previous Rainhas who all look for a number of defined key features such as dance style, sense of rhythm, interaction with audience and bateria, stage presence and harmonia; LSS members and non-members are encouraged to enter the competition, however the selected winner will be expected to become a member of the school.

Our current Rainha da Bateria is Orkidea Felgueiras; the school is very proud of her and of its previous Rainhas some of who include:
Zara Walker
Ella Peck
Kati S
Charlotte Seguro
Cida Morrison
Sasha Koura
Samara Reis
Mariana Whitehouse

If you are interested in participating in this fun and exciting event then please register here and email the completed form to Hanne on with the subject heading Rainha de Bateria Competition 2011. If you have any questions about the competition please contact Jo via

PS if the idea of competiting is too daunting then please do come along and and support us. Look forward to seeing you.

Many thanks.

Jo Vanier
LSS Dance Team Rep

You can also see images of previous Rainhas de Bateria here.