2016 Carnival Registrations

Registering for our 2016 Carnival Season

Carnival registrations began on the 1st to the 29th of May and is now ongoing, first come first served.

This gives participants time to:

  • try out some of the carnival taster dance and drumming workshops to help you decide which ala (section) you want to be in
  • see the prototypes at the launch on the 28th of May
  • register and receive confirmation of your place

– all before costume workshops get under way.

After 29th May registrations are ongoing although most places will have been filled, so if you’d like your first choice, please register before this date. Your place is secured once full payment is made.

For dance places, please email: lss.dancenhc.lss@gmail.com.

For places in the bateria, please email: lssbateria@gmail.com.

Costume production

A condition of registration is that you attend 3 costume workshops. When you register you will be asked to pay £30 which will be reimbursed in £10 instalments once a workshop has been attended. Please ensure that you SIGN IN AT EVERY WORKSHOP. If you can’t attend any costume workshops there is the option to pay the £30 for increased costume producer hours.

We will be running costumes workshops on various weekday evenings and weekends throughout June, July and August. We will also run a Bateria mas camp at Waterloo Action Centre before class and quadra on 31st July.  We hope that by giving options of date and locations, everyone will be able to attend costume making workshops and contribute towards making their costumes.
Please see the website HERE for the full programme of carnival costume workshops.
We suggest you check all workshop dates before registering for any of the alas.


You need to be a member of LSS in order to take part in our 2016 Carnival Season. There are different membership options available depending on what section you’d like to perform with and where you live:

  • Full Annual LSS membership (£40/£35 concessions), giving you access to all costumed dance and percussion sections.
  • £5 Temporary Carnival membership for visiting participants living outside London.
  • 3 month £20 Temporary Carnival membership if you live inside London and would like to apply for Ala das Baianas, Ala India and Ala Ancient Greece.  This also gives you members rates at regular WAC classes and the newsletter June-August.

If you wish to become a full member after the Carnival Season, you will have the option to upgrade by paying the remaining amount in the autumn.
Please note that Ala dos Passistas & Comissao de Frente is given priority to participants that have full membership.



How do I get to play?
Express your interest to the bateria directors at one of the Sunday classes or email: lssbateria@gmail.com

Hmmm, what should I dance in?
You can also try out what to expect from dancing in each ala at our Sunday Workshops entitled “Carnival Tasters”.
We offer a range of different prices for different costumed alas (see our Carnival fees table below), so there should be something for everyone. The best advice is to act fast, because places are limited and we need to finalise and make nearly all of our costumes by the end of June.

You may also find the information on the different components of carnival useful as to what each section is about.

Do I have to attend lots of costume workshops?

If you are parading in carnival, unless you live outside of London, you will need to attend a total of 3 costume workshops between June, July & August.
See here for costume workshop dates.

However we encourage you to attend as many as you can, many hands make light work, your costume is heavily subsidised and the more input we get, the more spectacular costumes can become. The run up to carnival is as much a part of the carnival itself, this is where you really meet people and lay the foundation for the energy underlying a carnival – harmonia.

Don’t worry if you have little or no costume experience, the Carnivals Costume coordinator and her assistants will be on hand to help! See our Carnival Costumes page for more details.

Can I change costumes for different events?

When registering for an ala there is not generally the possibility of changing into different alas for different carnival events pre-Notting Hill carnival as you will need to attend dancing/drumming workshops and rehearsals relevant to the ala you are in. Post Notting Hill Carnival, should the opportunity arise this is at the discretion of the dance team, according to availability of costumes and impact on performances.

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

No, we cannot offer any refunds for registration fees received.

Hmm, I don’t feel like dancing or drumming, how else can I take part?

If you’re not a performer or percussionist or you would rather not pay to participate, you can still volunteer and take part as a steward for free!

There are many other ways to get involved with our 2016 Carnivals as a volunteer, like costume making or helping with float construction or stewarding. We welcome registrations from stewards, who help on the day and take part for free. These are the people who hold our parade together – if you are interested or know anyone that might be, get in touch. If you’ve never been to Notting Hill carnival and have felt curious but unsure how to get involved, then this is a good way to get familiar with the event.

To volunteer around costume making and float construction please email lss.costumes.lss@gmail.com

To volunteer as a steward or in any other way please contact our Carnival Project Manager Theah Dix: lss.carnivalmanager@gmail.com.

Ok, so how do I register?

Step 1

We will reply to your expression of interest (dancers will be informed from the 30th May), confirming the name of the ala/place you can register for, based on the criteria and availability of each ala.

The confirmation email will include a link to an online registration form and payment instructions.


Step 2

  • You must register online and pay your full Carnival fees to secure your place by 10th of June.

If you are having any difficulty paying for your Carnival place, please notify a representative from the Carnival Dance Team or Bateria Team and make them aware of your situation.

After the 10th of June your place is only secured once you have completed payment and may be given to someone else.


Carnival 2016 Fees

Ala Registration fee
Bateria: ‘Ala Egypt’
(application dependent on experience).
£60 (or £70 if you want to keep your costume). You will need to provide your own yellow or green leggings (optional) and green or yellow shoes/pumps or shoes/pumps to be sprayed these colours. A limited amount of spray will be provided.
Ala das Baianas: ‘Ala Japan’
(Priority given to full LSS members) = NOW FULL
£52. You will need to provide your own red vest top, red leggings (optional) and red shoes/pumps or shoes/pumps to be sprayed red. A limited amount of spray will be provided.
Ala India
(open access).
£72 (or £80 if you want to keep your costume). You will need to provide your own orange shorts and sandals/pumps or sandals/pumps to be sprayed orange. A limited amount of spray will be provided.
Ala Ancient Greece
(drop-in ala, open access. Limited places available).
£70 (or £75 if you want to keep your costume). You will need to provide: gladiator sandals to be coloured sprayed. A limited amount of spray will be provided. Females: a purple bra.
Comissão de Frente: ‘Oxumarê’
(application dependent on experience. LSS are collaborating with Element Arts Company and giving the opportunity to rehearse and perform with their professional dancers. Priority given to full LSS members, but others can apply.)
£72. You will need to provide leggings and shoes/pumps to colour match your costume, or shoes/pumps to be colour sprayed.  A limited amount of spray will be provided. Colour to be confirmed once your place has been allocated.
Ala dos Passistas: ‘Ala Africa’  FEMALE
(application dependent on experience, priority given to full LSS members) = NOW FULL
£92 (or £100 if you want to keep your costume, priority to LSS members, first 10 available to keep). You will need to provide your own fishnet/dancers tights, ponytails and black or gold heeled sandals to be sprayed. A limited amount of spray will be provided.
Ala dos Passistas: ‘Ala Africa’ MALE
(application dependent on experience, priority given to full LSS members) = NOW FULL
£82 (or £90 if you want to keep your costume, priority to LSS members). You will need to provide your own black or gold sandals. A limited amount of  spray will be provided.
Mestre Sala, Porta Bandeira, Queen & Musa
(fixed posts)
Ala Mirim (Children) ‘Ala Native America’
(under 16’s accompanied by an adult stewarding)
£20. You will need to provide your own flat black footwear.
Destaques or Guest group ala
(in own costume pre agreed, by invitation)
Velha Guarda
(in own costume pre agreed, by invitation)

If any of the personal items guidance you need to provide is a problem, please do contact us, we’ll always try to work something out.

For more information on each of these sections click here.

Why do we ask you to pay and help out?

As many of you know, producing carnivals to the standard that we do every year, costs a huge amount of money, time and effort.

We ask for registration fees to help contribute to some of the costs, but it may help to put this into perspective by explaining that these fees cover less than 20% of what it costs per head if you factor in all related costs such as transport, floats, costumes, sound engineering, hire of premises, professional fees etc. for all the parades we are performing in this summer.

So please be aware that whilst the financial contributions you all make are invaluable to the school, all costs to participants are heavily subsidised (by about 80%).

This year we are proud to have raised a grant that will cover the rest of these costs but this option may not always be possible or available. In addition to this whilst we have factored in overheads described above – it is also important to know that most of the people behind the organising, planning, researching, promoting and making all the various aspects of this carnival aren’t actually paid and volunteer for the school in an effort to make our carnivals as amazing as they are.

By being a part of this production, party, art work and community you are also agreeing (to whatever degree is possible) to go that little bit further to help make it a success. We understand that this may be different for everyone – but as a minimum we expect you to participate in relevant workshops and rehearsals for your ala as well participating in costume making workshops to make your own costumes. In addition to this however, please don’t be surprised if we also ask you to help carry, transport, promote, tidy or participate in other important tasks to make this a success. As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’, and if we all chip in we can achieve this!

This is going to be a truly fantastic Carnival season, and now’s your chance to be part of an amazing parade. We aim to continue with last year’s vibe of being more relaxed, with time to enjoy Carnival and still put out a fantastic parade, with minimal stress!

Lottery Funded. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England