2016 T-Shirt

design of premium carnival t-shirt
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2016 sees the launch of our very own ALL-OVER RIO STYLE T-SHIRT!
This is the first time LSS have made this style* of t-shirt available. Anyone can buy it, although we do not currently deliver to outside the UK. The t-shirts are 100% polyester and a lightweight washable fabric just like most of the Brazilian Samba School shirts. For anyone who’s been to Rio around carnival time you’ll know what we mean.
Please fill out the order form below if you want one (or two, or three…)
IMPORTANT: THE DEADLINE FOR BUYING THIS T-SHIRT IS THURSDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER – after that date we will not be accepting any more orders!
You can pick it up from WAC (we’ll let you know as soon as it arrives) or have it delivered for £2.99 (UK only).
*unfortunately, due to supplier limitations at this time we are not able to offer a female version of the shirt, so ladies you will have to wear the generic men’s shape 🙁