Carnival Theme Competition 2019

2019 Theme Competition Is now open!

Here is some good news from the London School of Samba!  Hopefully by now you will have seen our notices and announcements to start work on these, but if you haven’t, now is your chance to get cracking! Please complete this form <WEBSITE LINK TO ENTRY FORM> send your entries to by no later than MIDNIGHT Monday 20th August. We will send out the entries via newsflash, display them at the barracão over carnival weekend. Please send your votes to the same address,  by MIDNIGHT 3rd August. Proxy votes will be accepted, if you are a current member.

Here are our updated terms and conditions:

  1. Maximum of two entries per person / collaborators
  2. Entries to be presented on the Competition form (link) and either in Microsoft Word or on pdf.
  3. Entries must include
    1. a Title
    2. 2 lines / 2 sentences to sum up the theme
    3. At least a paragraph written or typed with a word count of at least 40 words to relay the story or ideology. Photos, drawings permitted to be included if entrant feels more comfortable with creating a setting visually but must include some sort of written description.
    4. Suggestions for alas
  4. Entries must not be longer than 1000 words
  5. Entries to be presented anonymously, with winner’s name/s announced after votes counted if desired by entrant
  6. NB: All themes may be amended, pending resources and costume store stock. Please be assured that the theme proposer is under no further obligation to be involved with implementing the theme. Furthermore, by submitting your theme to the school, you are transferring ownership of the theme concept to the school, which may or may not select the theme for development by into our carnival performance. The Design Panel will invite the writer/s should the author/s wish to be involved in the development of the theme.
  7. LSS members and Carnival participants are allowed 1 vote each (includes competition participants
  8. All Voters must put their full name on their vote to ensure one vote per person


Contact email address for LSS

Here is the contact email address for the competition to send your entries via email.  You can also vote by sending a message to the same email address.  Send your entries to