Carnival creative director Chris Bicourt explains,  “London will be captivated by an astonishing display of might and imagination. From the comissão de frente presenting the Gods of Mount Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo et al… to the bravest, boldest, most disciplined fighting force in all the ancient world, our ritmistas, warriors of Sparta, whose reputation strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents, challenging them to the battle of the batucada… on to the passistas: the Amazons, daughters of the goddess Artemis, fearless warrior princesses led by their queen… and there, rising into the sky from a distance, delivering our coup-de-grâce: that ominous and portentous symbol of Homer’s Iliad, of love and honour, of pride and determination. The London School of Samba will intrigue and amaze the masses – is this an offering to the Gods, or something more sinister? Only our music will tell…”

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