The London School of Samba are excited to reveal that we have four entries this year in our Samba de Enredo competition:

  • Um explosão de cor! (Uma forca da natureza!) – by Alex Talbot (Words and Music). With special thanks to Jeremy Shaverin and Raquel Berlandi
  • Milagres no ArcoIris de Londres – by Caïque De Souza, John Hicks, Nuno Marcelino
  • O Arco Íris Chegou – by Cowan, Crawford, Laranjinha, Sanchez, Whitehouse
  • Embaixo do arco-iris existe Samba, Magia e Alegria – Lyrics by Xavier Osmir, Harmony & melody arranged by Paul Rumbol, Xavier Osmir and Marcelo Andrade

You can hear all four demos on our soundcloud, and listen to them


Make sure you come along to Barrio East on the 15th of March to hear them all performed live, and find out who the winner will be. It will no doubt be another exciting evening of great samba.