Costume Making Workshops
Costume Workshops

Costume Workshops

Costume workshops happen throughout the year focused either on our gigging wardrobe or our carnival extravaganza!

If you are feeling crafty, creative, or just plain curious, then please come and join us at any of our workshops and learn some new skills, or just polish up on your current ones. Our costume making involves sewing, cutting, beading, sticking and any number of other ‘ings’…

No matter what your skill level, there’s always an opportunity to get involved.
The glue guns are warmed up and ready to go!

You don’t need to be participating in carnival as a dancer or drummer.

LSS can also arrange formal internships for art and fashion students to help towards degrees. Come down and get your hands feathered, glittered and hot glued, and help us build costumes – we welcome and appreciate any help.

Costume Headquarters address is:
The Biscuit Factory/Tower Business complex
Unit B201.4,
100 Clements Rd,
London, SE16 4DG

Keep an eye out on this page as we are always updating information here!


These are open to anyone wanting to take part in costume making even if not registered to take part on our carnival tour. If you are registered for carnival please see full programme of carnival costume workshops by clicking here.
Otherwise if you are not taking part in carnival and would like to drop in to take part see the following dates:

- Saturday 26th JULY 12-6pm: Ala das Piriquitas costume making and decorating.

– Sunday 27th JULY 12-5pm: Ala das Piriquitas costume making and decorating.

– Tuesday 29th JULY 6-9pm: Registered bateria for NHC only.

– Wednesday 30th  JULY 6-9pm: Ala Cordao de Amigos & Baianas carnival costume making.

– Thursday 31st July 4-9pm: Passista costume making.

– Sunday 3rd August 12-5pm: Passista costume making.

– Tuesday 5th August 6-9pm: Passista costume making.

-Sunday 10th August 12-5pm: Passista costume making.

 Let us know you are coming, by dropping us a line at

For the full programme of carnival costume making workshops click here.

Make up workshop

If you would like to volunteer to do make up on our performers or if you think you’d like to register for carnival and help out with make up, this is the one for you.

Led by Zoe Peterson, we will work towards designs and techniques that complement carnival costumes.

Numbers are limited, please contact the to register your interest.

NEXT MAKE UP WORKSHOP – dates to be confirmed.