About us

As a registered charity London School of Samba (LSS) aims to function as an efficient and inspirational voluntary organisation, offering people of all abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to participate in, and develop knowledge and skills of the arts with specific focus on Brazilian Carnival.

Our mission

To entertain, educate, and engage the public in traditional Brazilian carnival arts, for cultural, social and educational benefit.

We offer high quality, fun and open access training and workshops in:

  • Dance
  • Percussion
  • Costume design and making
  • Carnival parade
  • History of traditional Brazilian carnival arts

As well as opportunities for artistic and personal development to:

  • Facilitate personal artistic development
  • Facilitate artistic development in order to perform at LSS events
  • Provide the opportunity to perform and participate at the world renown Notting Hill Carnival
  • Provide the opportunity to volunteer and to learn about and contribute to the running of the school

And entertainment for:

  • Carnivals and festivals
  • Nightclubs
  • Community and charity events
  • Schools and educational centers

Our charitable objects

The London School of Samba is committed to advancing education for public benefit through the promotion of the arts – with particular but not exclusive reference to Samba music, dance, costume making and the culture and tradition of Afro-Brazilian Carnival.