Notting Hill Carnival 2017 – Sambafari!

Carnival 2017 is open for registrations!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 To sign up simply decide which Ala (section) you want to parade in then complete the sign up form here>>>.   

Please note this year’s places are on a first come / first served basis so do not delay as once the section is full we cannot take anymore people as costumes are limited. If you are new to Notting Hill and the London School of Samba please see below.

Any questions, check out the FAQ Page or contact Ben via Phone/Text/Whatsapp – 07915 397 703, email or through our Facebook Page>>> 

The Notting Hill Carnival Weekend Experience


If you haven’t paraded with us before then there is so much to the Carnival experience that you will enjoy. For starters you will be parading in front of 100 000 people along the most vibrant high energy parade route you will ever experience. There is also an amazing feeling of community and togetherness as we take over 150 people onto the parade route. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the carnival experience is about.

We rent out a whole school just off the parade route and make this our base for the entire weekend. This base (called a Barracao) is a hive of activity throughout the weekend. We hold a two hour parade rehearsal on the Saturday and Sunday as well as holding dance workshops, parties and much more. It is the chance to meet 100’s of like minded people and embrace the party atmosphere. The full timetable for the weekend events will be released soon.  

The process starts way before the weekend itself. We make all our own costumes out of our costume store in Brixton. The workshop is open almost every night of the week as the different sections of the parade come in to do their costumes. Many of the Ala’s also have dance rehearsals for their parade choreography. Depending on the year we also do other parades and shows around the country which you can get involved with.

The process is as follows – 

  • Choose the section you want to perform in – Take a look through the costumes section, make a note of the requirements of the Ala (Workshops, rehearsals, experience needed etc). 
  • Sign up – Follow the link to sign up to your chosen Ala here>>>.... start getting excited!! Block out your diary for the whole Notting Hill Carnival Weekend (Saturday August 26th – 28th)
  • Attend the costume workshops / rehearsals  as appropriate to your Ala in the build up to the carnival.
  • NHC Week – We will send your full details of times for the weekend, how to get to our base (the school we rent out) closer to the time.

Any questions, check out the FAQ Page or contact Ben via Phone/Text/Whatsapp – 07915 397 703, or email 


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