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  • Do You Need To Be “Really Good” To Dance At Carnival?

Relax! Carnival is about having fun and expressing yourself. Any and everyone can dance with us at Notting Hill. To ease this along the carnival parade is broken down into sections. Some sections are for more experienced dancers than others. You are not left on your own however as each dance section has one of our fabulous teachers to lead the routines and ensure you are confident with the parade.

  • Help I Don’t Know How To Samba, Can I Still Take Part??

Everyone Can Dance Samba!! Every year we have people sign up last minute who have never danced Samba before. The parade has different sections, some have our most experienced performers doing pure classic Brazilian Samba while other sections use different movements which you will pick up quickly. To make it even easier for you will have one of our super teachers leading you in the parade so you are not alone. The Saturday and Sunday rehearsals will also teachers there to get you in the samba groove!

  • Can Anyone Play in the Bateria?

You need to have a little experience to join the Bateria, e.g. it cannot be the first time you picked up a drum. However, if you are newer to drumming fear not as we will help you get upto to speed through online videos and you can come to our weekly workshops if based in London.

  • Where and When Is It?

The Notting Hill Carnival is Saturday August 26th to Monday August 28th. We rent a whole school for the weekend as our base for the parade where we hold rehearsals, workshops, parties and change for the parade itself.. The school is near Latmier Road Tube Station. You will need to be there Saturday and Sunday for rehearsals. On the Monday we take to the streets for the actual parade itself. 

  • Do I NEED To Come For The Whole Weekend?

YES!! You Must Enjoy the biggest party in the world!!! On a serious note you do need to be there for both Saturday and Sunday as we hold full parade rehearsals in our base that we rent out for the entire weekend (St Charles School).

  • I Do Not Know Anyone As I AM New, Will I Fit In?

Whoa!! You couldn’t have come to a better place, over 150 of the friendliest people you will ever meet. We have rehearsals each day and other events so you will feel right at home….in fact…. you wont want to leave! 🙂

  • Is The Notting Hill Carnival Dangerous? I heard There Is A Lot of Crime.

It Is Perfectly Safe!! The Media paint a bad picture of the parade but the vast vast majority of trouble happens between youths late at night. We parade in the middle of the day when the party atmosphere is in full spirit. As a performer you are also in the middle of the road and not in the crowds itself so there is plenty of room and thus no overcrowding issues. It is the best place to enjoy carnival.

  • Do I Need To Go To The Costume Workshops??

The costumes workshops are great fun! A chance to meet others but also to create your own magnificent outfit. IF you do not want to make your own outfit then you may sign up for a pre-made outfit. It will still be made by hand but we will take care of all of the costume making and you can just enjoy the party 🙂 

  • Can I keep my costume?

Depends! Some Ala’s you can keep your costume while other Ala’s the costume is subsidized by the school and we will retain ownership. Traditionally the Commisao De Frente and Baiana Ala’s you cannot keep the costume