Neil Barnes of Leftfield recalls playing with LSS on BBC Radio 6 interview

Neil Barnes of Leftfield recalls playing with the London School of Samba in an interview on BBC Radio 6, with Lauren Laverne. In the interview he talks about performing in the rain at Notting Hill Carnival (that was 1986 Notting Hill Carnival with the theme “Alice in Sambaland”).
Lauren plays a clip of Leftfield performing live at the Brixton Academy in 1996. Neil reminisces about the gig:

Neil: I remember that section of the live show, that was a real sort of, completely us jamming, like congas and drums really…
Lauren: Is that where it started for you, like with the music thing, because you studied Samba right?
Neil: Well I, yeah, I was in the London School of Samba, I did do a little bit of tour stuff with them, one very very wet carnival which we were all dressed as house of cards, and it all ran on us, so by the end of it we were just like this miserable bunch of sort of waifers… Me and Paul met playing drums in clubs…

You can see the interview on the BBC website